8:00am Phone rings and I can't find it.  I hear Rob talking into the machine 
and I finally locate the phone.  I let him know that I don't see us leaving 
within the next hour but that we will see them up there.  When we get down 
stairs i get a massage from Wendita and she says they are headed up as well 
(she must still be trying to make up for that day we missed Jay...).

Pam and I arrive in the upper lot at about 11:00 and are greeted by Greg 
and Patrick taking their first beer break.  Patrick already looks like he 
has been vacationing in Bermuda from a morning of skiing in the sun.

We head up with Greg and Patrick and take a cruise down Sterling liftline.  
Liftline is in really nice shape with the snow being a little wet but really 
nice lines all the way down.  First run and a patroler takes issue with me 
saying I was skiing too fast and out of control.  I guess the fact that I skied 
past him at mach 1, came within 6 feet (not close at all) of him as he was 
starting to ski, and made him scream in a high pitch voice because I 
surprised him, and he was laughed at by the folks standing on the hill, had 
something to do with it...  Ahhh, the egos of the sunny day weekend 

We then head over to Pipeline and find some sweet conditions there asa 
well.  Ah, bumps in the sunshine...

We take another run down liftline hoping to find the rest of the BUrlington 
contingent.  instead I a spy the green-plaid-one on the chair.  We spend a 
few runs trying to get in synch and finally meet up with the Good Doctor 
and Wes real time.  But first we hike to wishbone. At this point we find Jim 
but no Burlington group.  We head down through wishbone and find that the 
woods are very skiable as long as someone else has gone through.

Another run down Liftline and the group is spotted on the chair.  MOst of 
my group takes a beer break and I head up to see if I can catch the 
Burlington contigent.  They wait for me on the hill and I notice some 
boarders building a huge jump on a waterfall-type area near the top of 

I finally hook up with the Burlington contingent and get hazed because I 
wasn't there for first chair or something and we all ski off.  I guess all the 
runs I got in while they were on their "lunch" break makes up for it.

The rest of the gang is at the bottom after their beer break, Wes and the 
Good Doctor (hey, where'd you go?!) are also there and we are now a full 
force flotilla.  We take a large group-shred of liftline with whooping and 
hollering everywhere.   The snowboarders are finished with there 
monument and it is a huge, very large kicker that shoots you off into the 
great beyond off of a little cliff-type thang.  I hit it in what I believe to be a 
conservative approach and end up 25 feet in the air doing a daffy.  Man, the 
ground falls away quick. This becomes my favorite jump and we keep 
hitting it the rest of the day.  Large air.

Next, we head back to wishbone with the whole flotilla.  We enjoy the views 
and wendy and pam commune with nature and we are off down wishbone.  
Even better with more people cutting it up.  It even terrified Wendita and 
her Bo a bit, or was it just all the hazing that was going on...

More runs down liftline and we lose a couple of folks.  Next, part of the 
group heads for wishbone and I head for Liftline to hook up with a bunch of 
Smuggs employees and our last run of the year while the resort is 
officially open.  A great run was had.  It says alot about your season when 
the bartender says a tearful "goodbye" and "have a nice summer" at the 
bottom of the run!  Actually it was a bit sad to say goodbye to a bunch of 
new friends for the season.  Ahhh, but one of 'em recruited me for some 
sailboat conference races, so I'll have to start into another season...

Great day...

Good finally hooking up with you Wes, hope you enjoyed your days off. See 
ya at K-mart.