> 	You mention Taos a lot - perhaps assuming we will ALL
> 	be there.  I  for one - due to other business constraints, 
> 	etc. - will not be there.  
what about 
> 	teleconferencing on some of this from Taos?  I would
> 	see about setting something up here in Wisconsin; however,

Teleconferencing is an interesting -- though expensive -- idea, Carole.
I bet there are folks from Taos on communet who could speak better to the
practicalities than I.

I agree that Taos is not a universal way to deal with this. I think the 
general feeling was that many very active people would be there and so a 
lot of interests would be represented. I have not given a lot of thought
to how we would get out the proceedings of a meeting in Taos, although 
posting it onto the Internet is a pretty simple matter.

I am developing a website for public interest networking now and so it could
be posted there as well as many other places, including this list (though 
I expect it might be a long document).
> Just a thought - which I think would make Taos all that more important 
> and truly able to bring all of us to the table.  Please let me know what 
> you think and what I can do to make something like this happen.

I think by bringing it up you have made a big contribution. Questions I 
would have relate to air time on a satellite, getting stuff pointed in 
the right directions and talking to each other and having the equipment 
and technical people on each end to pull it off.

What do you have in Wisconsin? What about other sites around the country?

Steve Snow
Project Director
Charlotte's Web
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