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Subject:      Re: Appropriate Technology
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Generally re: Appropriate Technology I confer people to our
study "Practical, Universal Networking for Learning in Schools
and Homes" in which we extensively address ways schools can
use all different types and vintages of equipment and networks.

Specifically, on page 10 we describe Coker Terminal Server software
that will provide e-mail, gopher, text-www functionality to any
machine that can behave as a VT-100 (including early Apple II's , etc.)
(As one astute person noted to me, even a DEC VT-100 does VT-100 :)   )

It would cost $8 per VT-100 machine to provide an Internet lab of 32

Also, a new Executive Order signed by Clinton now makes it possible
for 501(c)3's as well as schools to more easily receive used
computers from the federal government.

Our policy is to quickly separate out the chaff from the wheat, and
deploy as many working machines into schools and homes as we can.
Remember, over 10 MILLION machines are cast off from businesses
each year.  If we can keep those machines from being sold overseas, and,
instead be helping schools and homes that cannot afford them otherwise
as donations, we are one step closer to a true information age.

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