VHRAB has received regrantable funds from the NHPRC. Details follow.

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                 Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board 
                 Regrant Program for Historical Documents 
                               Will Fund
  Projects in Management, Arrangement and Description, Education and Research

	The Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board has received federal
funding for a two-year program to regrant monies to local historical
societies, libraries, and municipal offices for direct assistance in
managing historical documents. The program is spe cifically directed to
the many local historical societies, libraries and municipal clerks hold
historical records but lack staff adequately trained in archival

	In a plan designed as a three-step program for repository
personnel, VHRAB will fund consultants, workshops, and in-house, hands-on
professional arrangement and description tutorials for holders of local

	 Step 1: The _Consultants Program_ will support consultants to
study individual repositories and holdings, to advise repository personnel
on basic archival program requirements and to help them set management
priorities. By the end of the consultant's vis it, each repository will
have committed to start a self- evaluation leading to:
	* a mission statement;
	* a collecting policy;
	* a survey of holdings, including at least creators names and the
          approximate amount of material;
	* a description of storage and research facilities;
	* a disaster plan;
	* a written statement indicating positions and duties of individuals
          responsible for the historical records; 
 	* a budget for care of documents;
	* a plan of action toward the goal of collection arrangement and

	Step 2: The _Workshop Program_ will provide a series of two
workshops covering key elements in basic archival management appropriate
to the needs of the audience. 

	Step 3: The _Arrangement and Description Program_ will support
trained archivists working on-site at individual repositories teaching
standard procedures for the physical arrangement and intellectual
description of collections. At the end of each multi-da y project, local
staff will have the tools and knowledge to continue the work. 

	A separate _Research and Education Program_ will support scholarly
study of the creation and use of historical records as well as promote the
use of historical records by children. 


_Consultants Program Objective_: To provide consulting services for small
archival repositories to start them on the self-evaluation process. 

Project Description: These projects will fund expert consultants who will
advise repositories on creating a program to adequately document and care
for historical records now in hand, or on creating a full- scale program
for collecting, managing, and usin g historical records. When they finish
their consultation, the repository will have a clear set of tasks to
complete as part of a self-evaluation that can make them eligible for an
Arrangement & Description grant. 

Who may apply: Small, non-profit organizations with a collection of
historical documents and regular public hours, but no professional
archivally trained staff in charge of their historical records. 

How to apply: Submit a formal proposal to the Board. 


_Workshop Project Objective_: To educate repository staff in basic archival
management, arrangement and description practices. 

Project Description: These workshops, repeated in various locations around
the state, will address a range of archival issues in the management of
historical records in various settings. 

Who may apply: Non-profit organizations with an understanding of the
training needs of their members and the ability to recruit qualified
instructors and mentors. Given the limited number of qualified instructors
in archival management in Vermont, VHRAB expects to help the winner or
winners locate and evaluate potential instructors. 

How to apply: Submit a formal proposal to the Board. 


_Arrangement and Description Project Objective_: To support on-site projects
to arrange and describe collections of historical records. 

Project Description: These projects will support arrangement and
description of records already in repositories. All work will be done in
conformity with standard practices for archival description. 

Who may apply: An individual repository or a consortium of repositories
which understand their processing needs but lack the personnel and
expertise to do the work may apply. Likewise, a professional organization
willing to administer a "traveling archivi st" program may apply. 

How to apply: Submit a formal proposal to the Board. 


_Research and Education Project Objective_: To encourage agendas and
educational programs to enhance understanding of historical records. 

Project Description: These projects will fund academic study of the
creation or use of particular types of records, or educational efforts by
museum educators, public school teachers, or others doing projects with
adults or children, using primary documen ts and stressing the value of
historical documents. 

Who may apply: A scholar with a proven ability in academic research, or a
members of a non-profit, governmental, educational, or professional
organization whose work brings them into direct or indirect contact with
historical documents. 

How to apply: Submit a formal proposal to the Board. 


	Application deadlines vary for each program, but range generally
between summer, 1996, and fall, 1997. For information on any aspect of the
programs, contact Michael Sherman, VHRAB Regrant Program, 20 College
Street, Montpelier, Vt. 05602 -- 802-223-2632 -- [log in to unmask]