>Well then do what I did. I just bought a pair of Marker M51 bindings for a new
>pair of skis that I don't yet have. Probably when I start feeling down again
>about the summer I'll go out and make this new purchase.

For years, I tried to find a summer sport which gave me the same rush that
skiing does.  Swartzie loves to sail boats, and although it's not a
replacement for skiing, I've just discovered that myself this summer and
love it - I can't wait to take the boat out each time.  Swartz, when are you
coming up to Grand Isle to sail??!! I need the benefit of experience. :-)

However, about 4 years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming to Florida in
February, the middle of ski season.  I had never taken a warm-weather
vacation in my life, and I wasn't happy about spending my hard-earned money
on a vacation for anything but skiing.  To pacify myself, I tried a sport
which had always piqued my curiosity - windsurfing.

This was it.  Although on my first day I was doing the sailing equivalent of
only a stem christie, I was immediately hooked.  Over the years as I've
improved (not enough!), I've found the exact same rush.  The feeling of
balancing on a board as you scream across the water using only wind and the
kinetics of your body to make this happen is right up there with skiing.
I'm told that carving a high-speed jibe is akin to carving a perfect turn,
but I've yet to experience that thanks to my limited talent.  

Thanks to windsurfing, I no longer have the blues when the ski season ends.
I look forward to sailing at that point, and when the sailing season ends,
I'm anxious to ski again.  With the right gear, the two seasons can even
overlap on either end.  

For those of you in Vermont or northern New York State, you've got a golden
opportunity like I never had.  Windsurfing can be far more expensive than
skiing, but Philip Mann has the concession at Sandbar this year, and he's
got a terrific deal - a $129 season pass for both lessons and rentals.
That's something that you just can't beat - for example, rentals alone in
Miami go for $20/hour.  Call him at Inland Sea Windsurf Co. in Burlington
for more information, or e-mail him at [log in to unmask]  Finally, he's
got a new website (I haven't seen it yet) at

Try it!

Marc Guido                  Jay Peak Ski Patrol
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Burlington, VT

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