At 12:50 AM 6/28/96, Jeff Kirk wrote:
|Skiers - Check out my new web page, it is one of
|the best places to get information on the North East Region.
|My url is Http://


BETTER CHECK YOUR HTML.  I encountered many mistakes.  For example, this
was the link location for your MRG link (copied from netscape):>Trail
Map</a>.<br><br><h1><dd>*<a href=

and this was your Killington link:>Trail
Map</a>.<br><br><h1><dd>*Bolton</h1><p> Bolton is a small but very nice
resort.  It is one the few in Vermont to offer night skiing, and is a good
value.  Keep in mind though the access road isbrutally steep, and it is no
fun to drive up or down in a storm.<br><br><h1><dd>*<a href=

I suggest better proofing before announcing your site!

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