Dear Rainer

Much / all of the information is given in a book: "Gas Encyclopaedia" (1976 
- there may be a later version) by L'Air Liquide, Division Scientifique, 
Elsevier, Amsterdam. For ClF3 the information is on pages 757-763.
If you need the info and cannot get it in your library you can contact me 
(not over isogeochem) and I can send you a copy of the relevant pages.


>Dear everyone,
>for our silicate extraction line we want to use ClF3 as an oxidizer.
>We will be the first users of ClF3 in Austria. This is why we have register 
>as a new chemical in our country.
>For registration of a new chemical the governmental authorities demand
>detailed toxicological information and classification as well as
>recommendations for storage and handling.
>Does anyone have such information or can you give me hints where to get it.
>Thanks for your help
>Rainer Abart
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