You might also try Sepor Inc.  They listed 5 separate roller mills in their
1994 catalog.  They specialize in Materials Testing and Handling equipment.
The phone number is (800)-753-6463.  The address:

P.O. Box 578
Wilmington, California 90748

Sorry, no prices listed in that particular catalog!


>At 3:37 PM 7/30/96, Michael Chapman wrote:
>>>I am looking to buy, or otherwise acquire, a roller mill. This consists of
>>an array of rollers on top of which jars with steel rods rotate and
>>pulverize/homogenize sample materials to a fine consistency.  I have been
>>given some basic plans on how to build one, but don't really have the time
>>and maybe ability to get one built fairly quickly.
>>I am also open to other suggestions for dealing with a few hundred soil
>>samples to be prepared for d13C analysis of soil organic matter.  Are there
>>any mills/grinders that might be good for this and maybe plant material?
>>Our Wiley mills are ok for plants, but mortar and pestle is the unfortunate
>>method we have used in the past for soil and after processing a few
>>hundred, repetitive stress becomes a very real issue.
>>We have used a Wig-L-Bug from Crescent Dental for small samples, but this
>>was pretty useless, seemed to self destruct with each use.
>>Thanks for your help.
>>Michael Chapman
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>I've had good luck with a ball mill made by Cianflone Scientific
>Instruments Corp.  It works well with both plant and soil material.  In
>fact, I've stopped using a Wiley mill for plant material, as the ball mill
>does 3 samples at a time, grinds very fast, and is faster to clean.  Their
>address and phone numbers are:
>Cianflone Scientific Instruments Corp.
>228 RIDC Park West Drive
>Pittsburgh, PA  15275-1002 USA
>412-787-5022 (fax)
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