>Dear subscribers,
>Where can I find background information on platinum as a catalyst for the 
>oxygen-CO2 conversion. Most of the new papers dealing with fluorination 
>of oxides and subsequent O2-CO2 conversion refer to this step but without
>details. Are there any other catalysts to promote the high-temperature
>formation of CO2 (res. to avoid the CO-formation)?
>best wishes

Dear Bernd

We are using another "classical" method long time ago without trouble. 
I basically agree with Mr Baublys (I have seem this system) but you could
also use the carbon rod with platinum wire simply rolled around it. A
external high frecuency generator glow the platinum wire as much as you
need. All (carbon rod plus platinum wire) is into a glass vessel where at
the bottom the liquid nitrogen will collect the CO2 produced. The platinum
wire ends are used to hang the rod on a glass finger in the upper part of
the glass vessel. 

Good luck

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