> Please post the instructions on how to subscribe to this group.  I'm in the
> process of switching ISP.

The last time I checked:

Use your electronic mail program on your computer to send an electronic 
mail message to this address:  
	[log in to unmask]
Leave the subject field blank or make one up. In the body of the message, 
as the first line, construct a subscribe command as follows:
 	sub uvmflownet nnnn
where nnnn is your name, normally your first and last name.
For example, if your name is Rhoda Evans, this would be the first line of 
your message:
     sub uvmflownet Rhoda Evans
On the subscribe command you do not need to give your e-mail address (the 
system can figure this out). All you need to give is the list name and 
your name.
To send articles to UVM Flownet,compose and send 
mail to: 
     [log in to unmask]

Steve Knight--would you confirm?


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