Dr. Spadone,

     Your suggestion is timely and we here at UVM are looking into this (read,
I am passing the buck to Dr. Ricci whose plate already runneth over).  At any 
rate there has been some preliminary discussion about "hosting" a web site.  My
frustration with this forum is that after abot 1 year we have 80 subscribers
strictly by word of mouth.  I have twice been unsuccessful in getting any
mention of Flownet in the Spectrum.  If an SVT sponsored newsletter won't
advertise/promote this free resource, I'm sceptical about it supporting a Web
site...........(this is the electonic sound of sour grapes).  All the same,
it's encouraging to know that support of a Web site exists within this 
membership.  I would be curious to know how many current subscribers have
access to E mail only and lack Web access?  Any guesses?

Steve Knight

List owner UVM Flownet and 
VP in charge of bits and bytes
Fletcher Allen Health Care
(in alliance with the University of Vermont)