Terrence D. Case wrote:
> Bill;
> Who? Whom ever the surgeon has faith in. Perhaps you should consider
> getting your RVT, given you level of interest.
> Please call me directly if I can help (802-656-8827).
> Terry Case
> University of Vermont

Thanks for the suggestions.  I will try those next time we do a vein 
mapping.  It is nice to be able to get help from people such as yourself 
when I need it.  As far as the RVT part, I have been registered since 
1994 and am now working on my bachelors in management.  Unfortunately 
the ultrasound dept. in my hospital still doesn`t see the values of a 
dedicated vascular lab where we could do more of these type things, but 
I`m still working on them.  I will have my management degree in about 9 
months and I hope to put that and my RVT to good use as a manager of a 
"real" vascular lab.  I`ll keep your number handy, I may just call for 
some more advice sometime.  Thanks again.