Would love to get a copy of your talk.  And, BTW, what's Apple's plans?


>I'm doing a talk on Saturda..., and finally a run down of the nine major
>CN ventures, some having cropped up in the last weekk or so.
>Beside the Loudon County one (their web page was on the fritz so I
>could not find out more on the Net) I will talk about:
>Time Warner Excalibur
>Koz (ex Nando Net people doing authoring tools)
>CityScape (a Redmond, WA venture of some sort)
>CitySearch (they were in Taos)
>AT&T HomeTown Network
>US WEst ONline
>AOL's Digital Cities
>VArious newspaper efforts
>I predicted this might happen back in 1993, but I thought it would
>have taken off in 1995. Still, the amount of money and resources
>being put into this is pretty amazing. WE know that's only one
>way of quantifying the impact of a networking effort on a given
>community, so we need to think more about how we measure our
>effectiveness.  We can have good stories to tell, but if we don't 
>measure what we are doing, we are off the radar for most people
>who might otherwise consider partnering with community networks.
>Steve Cisler
>Network Outreach
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