On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Michael Chui wrote:

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> >Remember when ARPANet and IBM provided academic institutions with free
> >Internet access?  When exactly did the e-highway become a commercial
> >venture?
> 	Actually, it's always been a kind of commercial venture.  It
> used to be that the National Science Foundation paid for the creation
> and maintenance of a national backbone (the NSFNET) that connected
> various regional networks.  The national backbone was operated by a
> partnership consisting of Merit, MCI, IBM, and the State of Michigan.
> Later, the NSFNET backbone was operated by a corporation called
> Advanced Network & Services (ANS).  The regional networks were
> financially supported by both federal funds and fees paid by member
> universities.
> 	Since then, NSF phased out direct federal funding for both
> backbone and regional networks, acknowledging that a marketplace for
> these services had developed.  TANSTAAFL.

  Marketplace governance of the Net did not just develop, it was imposed
by a hostile mega-industry takeover, engineered by MCI who was one of the
main beneficiaries, and others, with the direct assistance of the Clinton
Administration [Fins-II-06,26]. 

  Perhaps, Michael Chui, will disclose what his professional role in these
matters has been, and his relationship to MCI, so that readers are fully
informed of his conflict of interest. 

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