(you may or may not be interested in the long-winded stuff below)

I am interested in following up on your Charlestown Village reference for
community networks serving Planned Unit Development communities.  I tried
calling information in Catonsville and asking for a listing for Charlestown
Village -- none.

I then did a search for "Charlestown Village" on AltaVista, obviously
getting hits on the first word only.  But down on the list was a
Charlestown Retirement Community in Baltimore, MD, accessible along with 2
other similar developments at

Is this the Charlestown Village you were referring to?  If this is NOT the
Charlestown Village site, can you give me any other clues on how to reach
it:  mailing address, telephone number, name of individual, how you learned
about their Internet services, etc.?

If it IS the site you were referring to, it's a most interesting variation
on the particular circumstances I'm trying to track down --

(1) My original question was getting at generic PUD communities or real
estate developments, which incorporate extensive zoning restrictions and
rules in order to maintain a sense of physical and social community: have
any such communities started to incorporate community networking (in the
sense of communet) into their PUD activities and services to help create
and maintain the required sense of community, including links into and out
of the surrounding communities?  What special issues have such PUD
community networks encountered?  In particular, what are the roles of
community members (residents) and the developer?  How much control and
support does the developer provide?

(2) The specific context of my interest is Sun City Georgetown (TX), a new
senior PUD community developed by the Del Webb Corp., where I've been
organizing an Internet/Computer Club and a "community network" (see  An interesting set of issues have arisen,
with the developer planning to build infrastructure and network-based
services for the community, but doing this from a corporate perspective
rather than a community-development perspective (perhaps this is right the
way to start up golf clubs in such communities, but it's antithetical to
community networking).

The Charlestown Retirement Community site looks like a corporate site set
up to support sales and marketing of the development -- there is no
community involvement apparent, though I have a question in to the Web
master about this.  Charlestown Village is also an apartment-based
retirement community with a full range of independent and assisted-living
and -care facilities, as opposed to the Sun City concept of independent
living in single-family and attached homes.  The Del Webb Corp.'s Web site
( is just like that for Charlestown Village -- sales and
marketing with only a hint that community content could come along at some
later time.

If this is the site you were referring to, I assume I'll get whatever
further information I can through their Webmaster.  They are no further
ahead than we are, and maybe they will be able to learn from our successes
and failures here.


>Unfortunately, I don't.  You'll have to call them [(410) area code.]
>Regards,  Dave Farley.
> At 09:10 PM 9/6/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>Thanks very much for this reference.  Do you have a URL or e-mail address?
>>>You may want to take a look at the internet services at Charlestown Village
>>>in Catonsville, MD.
>>>At 01:03 PM 8/13/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>>>Does anyone on this list know of any Planned Unit Development communities
>>>>with active community networks and Web sites?  .....

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