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> Thank you M Chui for such a succinct review of the transition from
> federal NSFnet to our current commercial transnational network.
> How many billions of tax dollars went into creating the current system
> which these companies are now going to charge taxpayers for using?
> Seems to me there is a strong public case for low cost public, non-profit
> use of these networks and maybe that is a role we community net advocates
> should be assuming. 

  What a terrific alternative role for community networks.  This idea
should be compared to the option of accepting the appalling existing
situation, allowing the forces that be to subordinate community interests
to international market forces.

  (But Vigdor, we'll do better to sound as calm and
> rational as possible despite the fact that terrible and often hidden
> injustices often drive many of us to sound extreme.  Gently, gently and
> persistently drive the point home with facts, facts, facts set beside
> each other to highlight the truth and the lie.).

  Quite true.  I hear the point and plead innocence by reason of truth. 
The hard facts I have tried to present are simply too awful to adequately
contemplate, when denial is the easy way out, yet the existing situation
must be brought into the open for full and fair consideration if we are
ever to turn toward viable counter measures.  I'll accept the heat if
responsible citizens, like our Hawaiian scholar, will press that cause,
with courage, sensibility, and prudence.

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