> Steve -- Can you elaborate a bit how you set up the real-time elections 
> results mechanism?  Do you have volunteers with laptops at the 
> precincts?  Or have you tapped into party apparatchiks who are already 
> doing some similar poll-watching/reporting?
> Wally Bowen
We will have two machines at the Mecklenburg County elections office, 
both hooked to their lan; one for monitoring for problems and one for 
processing electronic files we snag from the elections office.

We'll wave a magic wand over the data, shoot it over to Charlotte's Web 
on a regular telephone line and then it will go into a database and have 
another magic wand waved ver it so it can generate web pages on the fly.
when people ask for info.

We're also serving as the official media outlet for the results, so we 
have special media download packets that we also generate everytime we 
update the files (about every 10 minutes or so).

We'll be doing it three ways this time -- regular, flat pages to 
accommodate text users; a frames version for the frames-enabled and a 
Java version that will *scroll* the results for you and dynamically 
update the files.

We'll also have links to precinct-by-precinct results and links from that 
to precinct-level demographics, which we're setting up in another database.

We're hoping to provide as many ways for people to get to broader 
information -- statewide in NC and nationally, as well -- to make their 
electroic experience "complete". No film clips of Clinton and Dole, tho. ;-)

Steve Snow
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