Dear List Members:

I am working on a thesis about community networks and community empowerment
in planning practice for a Master of City Planning degree.  Specifically,
the thesis begines with the working hypothesis that the place of community
empowerment in planning is in what John Friedmann (a planning theorist)
calls radical planning, that community computer networks are a form of
radical planning in practice, and that they can/do empower the community in
the planning process.

As part of the methodology of this thesis I am considering conducting  case
studies of 3 community computer networks to examine how these networks can
and do empower the community in the planning process.  I would appreciate
the opinion of members of this list with respect to the names of 3
community computer networks they consider to be "benchmarks" in the field
of community computer networks . By "benchmark" I mean a community computer
network that is known for a standard of excellence or achievement against
which other community computer networks would measure their achievement.  I
would appreciate as many opinions as possible, as it will help me to select
3 community computer networks to focus case studies on. I would also
appreciate learing why you consider each of these community computer
networks to be a "benchmark".

Thank you, in advance, for assisting.

Christina Thomas