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Economics, which I am forwarding to you below.

As Dr. Versteeg notes in the message itself, you may feel free to 
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Kristin Peterson-Ishaq
Coordinator, Center for Research
     on Vermont
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Subject:       ethical dilemmas? A Query
Date:          Tue, 5 Nov 1996 16:50:58 -0500

The Researcher in Action:
Facing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

I would like to hear from researchers at all levels regarding
ethical dilemmas they have faced in their work or have seen 
in the work of others. These could be concerns
about relationships and responsibilities, conflicts between
competing values, a lack of clarity about a "right" or
"wrong" course of action, or whatever.  

Such dilemmas may have emerged at any stage of work 
from initial project inception  through presentation/publication; 
they may also have come up during peer reviews or 
other research evaluations. Some of these dilemmas
may be ones that were completely resolved, others may have
nagged at you for years.

I would like to receive your descriptions and discussions 
of any and all such cases as they actually occurred. The goal
would be future discussion of the nature of your dilemmas in 
some sort of Center for Research on Vermont or similar forum but, of 
course, all critical personal details would be disguised. For further
protection, you mail e-mail your "stories" to me at this off-campus
e-mail address: [log in to unmask]  Or, send mail to
my attention, c/o the Center for Research on Vermont, which
Kris will forward to me unopened.

Thanks for your interest and your assistance!  Feel free to pass this
query on to non-Vermont researchers as well.  Do you think there's
anything special about Vermont "dilemmas" or about the way we
resolve ethical conflicts here? Do you think the dilemmas are
fundamentally different across disciplines?

				Jennie Versteeg
				Prof. of Economics
				Saint Michael's College