On Tuesday, November 12, 1996, the Center for Research on Vermont 
will present Research-in-Progress Seminar #114, "The Vermont 
Homefront during the Civil War," by Vermont College of Norwich 
University Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies Michael Sherman. 

The illustrated presentation, which is free and open to the public,
will begin at 7:30 P.M., in Memorial Lounge on the main floor of the
Waterman Building at the University of Vermont. 

Historians in Vermont have chronicled the military history of the
Civil War in close detail. Largely unexamined, however, are details
of life on the homefront and efforts to support the war by families,
farmers, merchants, and other noncombatants. Here, too, were acts of
service, heroism, and sacrifice, as well as ingenuity, opportunism,
and profiteering.  

In this illustrated talk Dr. Sherman will not only present a
synthesis of previously published research but will also examine
some neglected primary sources to describe the varied picture of
the Vermont homefront during the Civil War.  

This account of the war at home is part of a history of Vermont that
Dr. Sherman--who is editor of _Vermont History_-- is currently
writing with P. Jeffrey Potash. 

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