Tanweer, Duan, and other Zn users...

I have not tried the following  method in D/H analysis, but I have used it
to  purify zinc for the removal of HCl in the preparation of organic
material for oxygen analysis.  In theory, it should work...

Load the zinc in a quartz tube and evacuate.  Use a cool blue flame to
heat the zinc to the point of vaporization.  (At this point, the quartz is
glowing dimly -- this is unfortunately too hot for pyrex.) When the zinc
starts dancing around in the tube, stop heating and let it cool to room
temperature.  Some of the zinc will plate out above the part of the
tube where you've applied the flame, and this will be about as pure
and free of volatiles as zinc can be.  Then process the water sample as

I have not tried this for water D/H analysis, but intend to soon.  If
anyone has any thoughts or experience on this approach, please let me

Peter Sauer
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO  80309-0450 USA

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