At present, I both teach end users how to use presentation graphics (and
 other types of media in their classrooms), and design web pages for spe
cific projects.

I do this in lieu of an instructional design center on campus (although
plans have been underway for about 2 years).The faculty here have reques
ted (read: demanded) that such a center be established, and the College
is committed to providing it. However, until such time as this service i
s formally established, individuals from several departments contribute
to assisting with these endeavors.

The production part of the equation is currently handled by our Media Re
sources Unit (part of Computer Services Dept.) which handles media equip
ment for classrooms, etc.

This is an interesting problem, especially for smaller institutions. Whi
le the Media Library, Computer Services, and Media Resurces are all curr
ently sharing these responsibilities, the College Administration seems t
o support a definite separation of the duties, ultimately to be performe
d by an Instructional Technology Specialist/Dept.

Hope this helps...


> I was wondering how many of you out there either do slide/presentation
> graphics production or teach users on how to do presentation graphics.
> Also, how many of you are designing your own web pages or teaching
> webpage design.  This is in addition to our traditional reference role
> The reason I'm asking is that in doing my new job description, some of
> my administrators want me to handle those duties in addition to the
> reference role. The others want to keep a clear distinction between
> library and media if that's possible. I would appreciate your comments
> Aloha,
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