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Our ICU nursing supervisor is looking for a new book to replace the Ervin
"Memory bank for critical care:  EKG's and cardiac drugs," which is out of
print.  They are specifically looking for a good EKG reference.

Our ED staff would like a reference book on medications for pregnant and
lactating women.  They don't like the Briggs "Drugs in Pregnancy &
Lactation," which we have in the library.  They're looking for more of a
"quick reference" type book.  The title they have, which they like, is the
"Handbook for prescribing medications during pregnancy."  Unfortunately, the
publisher does not plan a new edition until February 1998!

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


Tracy Texter
Medical library technician
Pennock Hospital
Hastings, Michigan
(616) 945-3451 ext. 237