I have requested these articles through Docline but they were rejected
     because they are not in the collection at NLM and could not be
     referred on since Serhold did not list holdings. So this is a last
     chance request. I can pay up to $10.00. Please call or e-mail before
     sending especially if you are charging!

     Congestive Heart Failure 1995 issue 5 30-3
     Marius-Nunez AL
     The role of intermittent inotropic therapy in heart failure

     Congestive Heart Failure 1995 issue 1 26-9
     LeJemtel, TH
     Practical aspects of IV inotropic therapy for management of acute &
     chronic heart failure.

     This was written on scrap of paper by a patron so I apologize if the
     information is not complete or correct.


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