Dear British colleagues :

one of our researchers wants to contact a SA Fickling at the Dep of
Cellular & Molecular Sci, at St. George's Hospital Medical School,
cranmer Terrance, London SW17 ORE, UK.

What is needed, in reality, is a
copy of an article for which Fickling is the first author, either
recently published or "in press' in a journal called ENDOTHELIUM (Journal
of Endothelial Cell Research) published in Switzerland (Harwood
Academic), and not yet indexed.  Medline indexing is to start in 1997,
and not as yet for this source in Biol.Ab or Excerp. Medica.

A ontact with the library at St George's will be nice, or if there's  a
way to contact the SA Fickling directly and see if he would relase a
re-publication copy, or any information on date of publication.  There
are a number of meeting abstracts for the same topic for 1992-1994, but
nothing specific in print as an article, as given:"Synthesis of
Ng, human endothelial cells". _Endothelium_(in press).

TIA and Happy Holidays.
                               Dalia Kleinmuntz
                               Webster Library, Evanston Hospital
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