It would be - for lack of a better word - "nice"!

I cannot beleive the amount of time and effort that's being spent by
hospitasl around the country on the development od the guidelines, but
after talking to our QI people here, I think that one cannot get away
from "generic" Crit Paths, since they have to be tailored to each health
care facilities specifications and reality.  What a great employment
opportunity!!!  These divisions are most probably the fastest growing
unit, despite all the cutback, and a centralized QI does not do it, since
I just found out that the Psyc Dept "do their own" and hardly anyone
knows what they have, and the Women's and Children Hospital division "do
their own".  There is a begining of a title list, and the crits are on
some software packages, but not in one place, and it takes umpteen calls
and voice mail messages to find out who has what where.

There ought to be a better way.  We are all re-inventing the same
wheel, but then again, you cannot get 2 physicians to agree on what
pre-packaged discharge instructions to give a patient...

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On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Catherine Jex wrote:

> Judging from the interest in sharing Critical Paths ... could "we" explore
> establishing a listserv dedicated to this and other QA/Risk Management
> Guidelines.  Perhaps one already exists elsewhere?  Could we also
> consider identifying the "best" modeling software which transfers
> across various OS platforms well?
> Just a thought.
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