Swedish Medical Center|Ballard, Reference Library wrote:
> The Reference Libraries of Swedish Medical Center (Seattle) are seeking
> other libraries within and outside our region, who want to establish free
> reciprocal ILL agreements with us.
> We have two locations in Seattle, Swedish Med Ctr/First Hill and Swedish
> Med Ctr/Ballard.  Holdings address health industry "core" titles as well
> as specialty areas -- e.g., sleep disorders.  There are some 3500
> textbooks, monographs, and reference works, and more than 600 journals.
> If you are interested, contact us at our First Hill campus, at
> 206/386-2484, before January 7.
> Mike Scully, of...
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to whom:

you may add us (83401B) to your list if you haven't already.  we are
reciprocal, however only carry the usual titles.  for more info contact:

COLUMBIA Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
Library and Health Information Access Center
P.O. Box 2077
Idaho Falls, ID  83403-2077

208-529-6077  (tel)
208-529-7014  (fax)
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