To those on the isogeochem and geocosmo lists:

I would appreciate your distributing this job posting to any and all who
might be interested.  The position is grant supported and there are
currently 18 months of funding available to support salary with more in the
works.  The technician will be processing samples in my lab which has been
running for three years and is currently getting new fume hoods.  The
salary is set by the University and is non-negotiable but Burlington is a
great place to live.  Some years it even snows here!  To learn more about
UVM, the Geology Department and the laboratory in particular, check out the
following web pages:

Paul Bierman
Geology Department
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

Thanks for your help.




The technician will prepare geologic samples for 10-Be and 26-Al isotopic
analyses by grinding, sieving, acid etching, mineral separation and
dissolution.  The technician will be responsible for sample tracking and
data entry as well as maintaining laboratory equipment and inventory.  The
processed samples will be taken to Livermore National Laboratory where the
technician will occasionally assist with isotopic analyses.  Limited
fieldwork is possible if the candidate is interested.  The job requires at
least a BA or BS degree in the sciences or the equivalent of education and
experience.  Chemical laboratory and computer skills are highly desirable.
The individual selected to fill this position must have the highest
attention to detail and quality including the maintenance of a clean,
efficient, and safe chemical work space.

Please submit application material including a cover letter, detailed C.V.
and the phone numbers of references directly to the Employment Office, Room
232, Waterman Building, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405.
Please address hiring questions to (802) 656-3494.  Technical questions may
be addressed to [log in to unmask]

Applications will be considered starting January 21, 1997 until the
position is filled.

Paul Bierman                            (802) 656-4411 (v)
Geology Department                      (802) 656-0045 (fax)
University of Vermont                   geomorphology, isotope geology,
Burlington, VT 05405                    water, paleoneutrons and old dirt