On January 16, 1997 Peg Allen <[log in to unmask]> said:

> wrote:

>> SilverPlatter currently offers French, Spanish and German versions of
>> its WinSPIRS (SPIRS for Windows) interface.  Versions in other languages
>>  are in development,  For more information, contact SilverPlatter.

>  Thank you for this information, which I will share with the nursing
>  research list serv.  First, I'd like to know if these versions use
>  foreign language MeSH and map to the English?

and Robb Scholten <[log in to unmask]> said:

> I am also wondering, along with the original questioner, if MeSH has
> been translated into other languages.  Or, if I were to type in
> "coeur" in Silverplatter, would it map to the "heart"  I was under
> the impression that the NLM Metathesaurus was supposed to be
> capable of doing this kind of translation, but I have never seen
> it demonstrated.

I am sorry if my previous posting was not clear.  SilverPlatter currently
offers Spanish, French and German translations of its WinSPIRS interface
which allows users to read directions and access help in those languages.

In SilverPlatter's MEDLINE, there is no way to type in a non-English
language term and access the corresponding MeSH term.  Some of the
databases that SilverPlatter publishes do provide descriptor fields in
multiple languages.  In those databases, a user would be able to type a
term from a non-English language and retrieve records dealing with that
subject.  This is not the case with MEDLINE searching at this time.

SilverPlatter is examining possible enhancements to the MEDLINE database
and is considering some of the Metathesaurus features developed by NLM.
I have passed on the suggestion for mapping "foreign language" terms
into MeSH to the Product Manager in charge of MEDLINE, Tammy Palmer.
If you have further suggestions, or comments, please contact her
directly at the email address:  [log in to unmask]

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