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I am a library marketing consultant with a client who is looking for any
leads, insights, trends, and observations on the following:

        1. Who uses the internet in the public library to obtain medical
        2. What type of medical information are they looking for?

While these questions would form the basis of a great survey, my client
doesn't have time (typical) for a 6 month research project. So..... any
insights, observations, or leads to articles in the literature will be
greatly appreciated.

Oh, in case it makes a difference, my client is a non-profit organization
so your comments will *not* be used to promote or create a new product to
sell back to libraries.

Thanks in advance.  And if anyone would like me to summarize the responses
for any list, I will be happy to comply.

Chris Olson, M.L.S., M.A.S.
Chris Olson & Associates
Library Marketing Consultants
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