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Greeting, colleagues.

A patron has asked us to obtain the Proceedings of the International
Workshop on Anthrax, Winchester, England, Sept. 19-21, 1995
which may have been published as:  Salisbury Medical Bulletin. Special
Supplement to no. 87.

I have found that the Salisbury Medical Bulletin did publish the
proceedings of the 1989 Workshop as a Special Supplement, but have not
located any information about the 1995 workshop.  Would someone who owns
this title check to see if it says anything about the 1995 workshop and
how to order it?  Or, the address (phone no., fax no.) of the Salisbury
Medical Society, Wiltshire, UK, would also be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Kathrine MacNeil  Information Services Librarian
Medical Sciences Library  Tx A&M University  College Station, Tx 77843 USA
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