I have gained some assistance from local media professionals to create a
general introduction to community networks.  To reach the widest audience,
it will be in video format.  

There will be discussion of how effective community networks can be to the
process of nurturing healthy and competitive communities.
After an introduction to web and email, etc., there will be examples
from network web pages that will demonstrate successful applications 
of community network projects and brief project backgrounds.

Throughout the video I would like to include voice overs from several of
you who feel that you would like to share your thoughts with our citizens
who will be being exposed to the cn concept for the first time.

I realize that when ACN is up and running that something like this will
probably be available.  In the interim, I would put this together and make
it available to anyone who would want to use it, or any part of it.

Suggestions on prime examples welcome.

We have a studio available for call in, reverse the charges.  You
would have final approval of your contribution edit, including context.

Thanks in advance,

Jerry Williams
NEPACN, Tech Corps
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