I refer to my recent post: Who's information is it anyway?
The non profit segment produces much, if not most, of the content being
sold back to the public via's.

Organize around the idea that the content has value and it should help to
support the folks that produce it:  volunteers, education, govt., etc

Remember PBS and all that they threw away with very poor business sense
with Big Bird, Barney, etc.

Don't give it away.  Without content there is no site worth returning to.

I know that there are wonderful people who have spent their lives
dedicated to society and have served well through the non profit sector.

However, there is a mind set that I've noticed among some very nice people
that will not allow them to stop thinking about grants and begging when
it's now time to earn it.

I never got a grant to start a business.  The bank looked at what the
earning potential was, and then I had to pay it all back, win or lose.

I hope that I haven't hurt anyone's feelings, or insulted anyone.  I
certainly don't want to alienate people that I've come to respect.

Money for anything is drying up.  When the govt is saying that they have
to cut back on programs that tick off their best supporters, you should
realize that the writing is on the wall.

Organizations will have to earn their existance.

That existance will be decided by your community.  What you have to
deliver is not good intentions, but content and service.  I can't imagine
out spending or out teching AT&T or the Bell's, or Gates.  All you have is
the content and the opportunity to convince your fellow non profits that
it's time to stick together and value what you produce.

Net industries are scrambling to find a way to survive.  They won't let
you have your regional communtiy network market without a fight.  Check
out  That's your future, if you don't rally non
commercial content producers.

But, then again, I could be wrong.  

It's been a long week.

Best regards,

Jerry Williams
NEPACN, Tech Corps
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