Hi Brian--

Welcome to the list!

Could you elaborate a bit (privately to me if you prefer) on what your
organization is all about?

For example, is this formal education as in the schools that you are
talking about or does your interest include extended education, life long
learning, or outreach to underserved groups in the communities that you


Valentine Riddell
Executive Director
Orenda Healing International
California, New Mexico, Sweden

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On 20 Feb 1997, Brian Bowell wrote:

> May I introduce myself to Communet ?
> I am Brian Bowell and I work for the National Council for
> Educational Technology (NCET) in Coventry, England.
> NCET is funded by the UK Government and promotes best practice in the use of
> Information Technology in teaching and learning. We gather evidence, produce
> publications and  conduct evaluations.
> My professional interests include: portable computers, improving access to IT
> for teachers, Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) and CMC to support teachers'
> professional development.