>It seems that your description shifts back to an exclusive focus on  local
>community nets (no mention of ctcnet-type orgs, cross-geographic communities of
>interest or state or regional efforts, for example.) and that concerns me.  Can
>you clarify?

It is our intent to be as inclusive as possible, since we believe that our
core set of services & products will be valuable to the many varieties of
community networking efforts that exist (and are yet to appear).  And we
are planning on providing a variety of membership categories, to address
the variety in 'kinds' of members.  The majority of our group feels that
geographic as opposed to 'virtual' communities should probably be our
priority (geographic meaning city, town, region, state, etc.), but again
the core set of services we offer should be valuable to both geographic and
'virtual' kinds of communities.

This will become more clear as we progress. In the meantime feel free to
write or call if you'd like to discuss in more detail.


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