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>Hi Mark--
>I would be interested in this publication.
>Would you tell me a little more about it?
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>On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Mark Peterson wrote:
>> Good Morning Richard -
>>         We have a strategic visioning publication entitled: 
>> "Harnessing the Power of Vision - Ten Steps to Create a Strategic 
>> Vision and Action Plan for Your Community".  I can send you one if 
>> you are interested (or any other communet members).  I will need your 
>> snail mail address.
>>         I would be interested in any videos, publications, or 
>> excellent articles on community networking that you or anyone else 
>> might recommend.
>>                                             Regards,
>>                                             Mark Peterson
>>                                             U of Arkansas Cooperative 
>>                                                     Extension Service
>>                                             P.O. Box 391
>>                                             Little Rock, AR  72203
>>                                             (501) 671-2253
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Can you mail me a copy of this please?


32, Chatsworth Street,
>> Date:          Mon, 17 Feb 1997 22:51:10 -1200
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>> Subject:       Community Based Strategic Plans
>> Our city is currently completing a plan called "Our City Our Future" based
>> around Agenda 21. They have asked me to hep locate any experience with
>> community based strategic plans with a particular focus on implementation 
>> If any of you have any ideas or references that would hep me, I'll gladly
>> sumarise and post next week.
>> Thanks
>> rich
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