Subj:   Telnet client problems w/medlars?


Are you absolutely sure that it isn't MEDLARS traffic that's locking up?

I have no experience with direct dial-up, so I can't compare.  I do know
that DOCLINE goes in fits and starts -- sometimes I can wait quite a
while to go to the next prompt in the BORROW module.

As far as emulation, I would always go for the higher number, i.e. VT220
or VT320 -- which are supposed to be compatible with VT100 but a little
finer in performance.

Also, you might query the company, (I've forgotten the name:
Novasoft?).  When I was having a problem with NetTerm, I queried via
email, and the president answered the next day -- with the correct
solution to my problem.

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