The MLA '97 Web Team is gearing up to provide the most up-to-date 1997
Annual Meeting and Exhibit information via the Web.  We'd like your
feedback on what you've seen at past meeting Webs that you've liked,
disliked, etc.

For example:

* which sections of past meeting Webs have been useful/not useful?

* what new information, that has not been available before, should be
included this year?

* what information that HAS been available before should not be included
this year?

* how should this year's site be styled, compared to past years' sites?

If you have feedback regarding these or other issues, we'd be glad to
hear it!  Send your comments or questions to Scott Garrison
([log in to unmask]) or David Yamamoto ([log in to unmask]).

Thanks in advance for helping us make the MLA '97 Website the best it
can be.

Scott Garrison, co-chair
David Yamamoto, co-chair
MLA '97 Web Team

P.S.  Check out the MLA '97 Preliminary Program on the Web, at