I only see L. Wing's 1981 article, but I bet someone at the
     Autism Society of America (1-800-3AUTISM) would know the answer
     to this one. Caren Mofford

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Subject: want Asperger article in Eng.
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Date:    22/02/97 02:03

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My patron swears that Asperger's article (in which he describes Asperger
syndrome) has been published in English.  I can't find it in my searches.
It doesn't help that the original article was published in 1944.  We have
the original article in German and the patron wants it in English.  If
anyone can send the article in English or point me in the right direction
I'd be grateful.

FYI the original is:

Asperger, H. (Hans).   Die "Autistischen Psychopathen" im kindesalter.
Archiv Fue Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankherten.  1944.  v.117 pg. 76-136

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