In a response to a question on Atlantic Monthly nursing article by Suzanne
Gordon, these (and other) responses were posted to NURSENET.  Since sites
are not the usual medical ones, and the book should prove popular (she
writes VERY well), I thought I'd post here FYI.  Peg

> Suzanne Gordon is a veteran investigative reporter and health care specialist.
> She is not a nurse but is very pro-nursing. She has written on health care
> topics for many years. She is has co-authored or authored eight books and
> writes for the Los Angeles Times and the Boston globe, Her new book LIFE
> SUPPORT with an introduction by Claire Fagin, RN, PhD,  will be released this
> month by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA, ISBN # 0-316-32117-6.  The
> book offers an intimate and important look at what nurses do for their
> patients and their families. I will be reviewing this book for Nursing
> Management. Please contact me if you have any other questions.
> Dorothy Fishman, EdD, RN, FAAN

Dorothy -- I look forward to your book review. I have read the
manuscript and it's great. I have a writer who will be interviewing
Suzanne for The Nursing Spectrum.

Bob Hess, PhD, RN
Editor & Corporate Director of Continuing Education

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>Regarding Suzanne Gordon, she is not a nurse.
>She is a feminist journalist who has taken an interest in nursing and has
>really gotten into her subject.  She knows about different levels of
>education, state nurse practice acts, historical issues, the long and
>changing history of cooperation and conflict with medicine, how managed care
>and downsizing have created a crisis at the bedside, you name it.  She knows
>more about nursing than some nurses I know.  She's also the only journalst
>I've read who writes about nursing outside of the "angel of mercy- angel of
>death" mode, and   gets past that and into more complex reporting.
>The website for the Atlantic article is:
>   http: //
>Another article, co-authored with Judith Shindul-Rothschild (BC prof and
>author of the recent AJN downsizing study) on nursing and mgd care is at
>Happy reading,
>Laura Delaney RN MS
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