In addition to providing information on humanitarian agencies, I am also
forwarding the message to you with a suggestion.

At least one hospital in Seattle is working with a hospital in Khabarovsk
(eastern Russia)  to assist them with planning, training and technology.
From what I can gather, it has been a rewarding partnership for both
parties.  Please read the note below and show it to folks in your
organization. Perhaps your administration would be willing to partner with
this or other hospitals in the former Soviet Union to provide some direct

I would not ordinarily forward messages like this one without knowing the
facts, but the fact of the matter is, I just returned from three weeks in
Russia and know personally the situation is desperate. In fact, it is as
Oleg describes in his email message. I've been working to get information
and technology to three medical/educational sites in Russia in Moscow,
Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk, as part of a US AID/IREX/AUPHA project. (I
donate my expertise and my department donates my time). I have seen the
hospitals but have also seen the progress which can be made with some

Americans are a generous people, remarkably so. This is a cry for help.
Please see what you can do.


Laura C. Larsson
Research Librarian
Health Services
Box 357660
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195
(voice) 206/616-2935; (fax) 206/543-3964
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Date: Sat,  1 Mar 97 11:38:09 +0300
From: Zolochiv Central Regional Hospital <[log in to unmask]>
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     Dear Laura Larsson,

   I'm Oleg Pantchenko, I'm a system analyst and economist of Zolochiv
 Central Regional Hospital, Ukraine.

   I know that US health care system is based also on the Personal Family
 Doctor system and we'd like to provide similar system here, in Ukraine.
   Our hospital now rebuild it's archaic Sovietic health care system in
according with free market economy rules and we do the best we can to
be there for it. I'm quit sure that this is our single way to normal future,
to find out an exit from economic crisis, from the collaps of our economic
system ! But we don't have enough info about that in the US.
   Our Ukrainian economy is a deep crisis now, the lack of state donations
 causes our finansial problems - our personalle has no salary (about $35 - $65
 monthly) for many (5 - 6) months, we don't have the any main first neccessary
 things, drugs, medical equpimemt, etc. It's very often happens that all
 of a sudden our local power station shuts off the light without any notice
 for about 2 - 3 hours and as a rule at dark time of day and during urgent
 surgical operations which causes peoples great harm, humudity, pain and
 deathes so I have to ask you to help me to find out any email addresses of
 humanitarian organisations in the US which provide direct relief to hospitals
 and to receive in the future (from time to time, if possible) a hard copy of
 the NL from HSR-L by snail mail. <Laura sends out TOCs to HSR-L>
 This is a very important info and we very need it right now.
  In case you're interested, please contact me by:
                    email: [log in to unmask]
                           [log in to unmask]
               snail mail:  Oleg Pantchenko
                            Zolochiv Central Regional Hospital
                            20, Filatova street
                            Zolochiv, 312220

    Faithfully yours
                    Oleg Pantchenko