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Gail - Wow - are you sure you did not add a couple of zeros by error?...
Just kidding.  And here I thought that anything over $400 for a
publication is obscene.  And the marketing rule is that the less is sold,
the stiffer the price, and all is needed is one sucker to keep the
company afloat.  As if BC/BS aren't making enough already.

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On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, Virginia Gale wrote:

> Does anyone subscribe to the Blue Cross / Blue Shield Technology
> Evaluation Center Assessment Reports (Technology Assessment Reports)?
> They're listed in ECRI's Healthcare Standards Directory. I can't find them
> in Medline, HealthStar, Catline, Serline, or in OCLC. Might be due to
> cost: $6000 for 8, or $15000 for all 38+ reports published in 1996. Now
> I'm curious about just who purchases these and are they available for
> loan. Thanks in advance.
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