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Hello everyone:

Does anyone have the journal _InfoNurse_ ????

I need four articles, but cannot locate a library who's got this title (using
my meager resources).  I'm willing to pay up to $12 for each....details

Author: Richard, N
Title:  Charting: a professional responsibility  (same title for all 4 parts)
SO:     InfoNurse 25(3): 12-3  Aug 1994  (part 1)
        InfoNurse 25(4): 8-9  Nov 1994 (part 2)
        InfoNurse 26(1): 10-11 Jan-Feb 1995 (part 3)
        InfoNurse 26(2): 7-8  Mar-Apr 1995  (part 4)

A million thanks to anyone who can help.

Nancy Firchow                [log in to unmask]
Medical Library
O'Connor Hospital
San Jose, CA