Dear Medlib Colleagues:
After 10 days with no duplicates on MEDLIB-L, I have
just deleted 55 duplicate messages so far today.
This is a great nuisance to us all and our tech experts
have been duly advised.

Particularly in light of the above situation, some
1. Please use restraint in the area of "tongue in cheek"
replies (e.g. information goddesses over and over).

2. Please address thank yous to the individuals
involved unless you are simply using this to let us know
that the question has been answered and is closed.

3. Send survey answers directly to the inquirer rather
than to the List.

4. On the other hand, the replies/answers to many of
the Reference/Administration questions posted are
informative and useful to us all, so do send those
replies to the whole List.

5. Also a reminder about our ILL Guidelines:  ILL
requests should be confined to emergencies, or titles
users cannot locate through their regular ILL channels.
From the MEDLIB-L Guidelines:

Please be sure to put ILL and the TITLE needed in the
SUBJECT LINE when you are requesting document
or to let readers know your request has been filled:
    ILL--title -- FILLED

Do not make multiple ILL requests in a single message
unless from same source title.

Generally, the List has been much more focused lately
with lots of useful information contributed.  I am
hopeful that this problem of duplicate messages will
soon be finally eliminated.


Jan Mixter
MEDLIB-L List Coordinator
Loyola University of Chicago.  Medical Center Library
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