Look at the JCAHO home page - they have  a section on the history of the
organization.  In actuality, accreditation is voluntary, UNLESS you want to
receive Medicare reimbursement.  And since, the majority of hospitals want
to receive that (in our case it's 50% of our income), it's not really

Cheryl Goodwin
Providence Seattle Medical Center
From: Medical Libraries Discussion List
Subject: ?benefits to accreditation
Date: Monday, March 17, 1997 2:00PM

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Hi there -

Although in theory we all know that we need to be accredited by JCAHO,
I've been asked to find something in writing.  I checked medline and found
an article on the benefits of a subacute care unit being accredited.  My
patron is more interested in acute care.If you can find anything written,
not just common knowledge, I'd appreciate any leads.

Thank you.

Laura Gerwitz
St. Francis Medical Library
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