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>I have enjoyed the cute answers concerning our "medical librarian" title, but
>the individual asking for assistance was asking a serious question prompted
>by an administrative inquiry. <snip>

Has anyone tried working Knowledge into a title?  According to the JCAHO
standards, that's the information piece where libraries fit.  I've been
thinking about this since the last "cute" answer and the best I've come up
with is Knowledge Specialist, or perhaps Knowledge Resources Manager for the
director. (even better, Director of Knowledge Resources?)  We've gotten used
to Human Resources departments; why not knowledge resources if library
doesn't get it with administration.  It's better than getting mixed up with
the Information Managers in what we used to call the Medical Records department.

There is a theme here, tied to issues like access to systematic reviews, and
the role of librarians in meta-analysis.  What do clinicians want?
Bibliographies?  Undigested information?  Synthesis of research?  Are we
positioned to provide or facilitate access to knowledge, or will we abdicate
this role to someone else?

I recommend that you read "Putting the "service" back into library service"
by Carol Goodson, C&RL News, March, 1997, pp. 186-7.  The boxed quote gets
at the heart of how we  define our roles:  "We are surely misleading library
users when we tacitly assure them that they can acquire the same
sophisticated searching skills that librarians have after only a brief bit
of instruction..."  While her illustrations come from searching & document
delivery services for distance learners at the State University of West
Georgia, they could just as easily apply to clinicians.  Do we teach
medical, nursing, and allied health students when and how to request a
mediated search?

As for the questions I raised re. indexing of systematic review sources and
abstracts, I have learned that Cinahl indexers use the publication type
"Abstract" on the Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing to
describe the annotated bibliographies which are a feature of the articles in
the OJKSN (any article with an annotated bibliography will be indexed with
the PT abstracts). I got one private response suggesting that journals like
the ACP Journal Club should be indexed.  Doesn't anyone else out there have
an opinion?

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