Hello everyone,

To assist those attending the MLA '97 annual meeting.  A public
access listserv has been created for your use.

Feel free to use this list to:

     arrange meeting associates before you arrive.

     find a roommate, dinner companion, or lost friends.

     let other know of special deals in the Seattle area.


MLA headquarters does not moderate this list, only maintains it.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns you wish to
communicate with MLA staff, please call
312/419-9094 or fax 312/419-8950 us.

To subscribe send an email to:

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Type in the body of the email:

    subscribe mla-97am

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Send your messages to:

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Frederick Friedman-Romell
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Majordomo/email administrator
6 North Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL  60602
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