On Mon, 3 Feb 1997 Jonathan M. Lord wrote:

> I am interested in hearing from any hospital or health sciences
> center librarians who have had experience with providing
> wide-area institutional network access to various medical coding
> systems, like the HCFA's Common Procedure Coding System (CPCS),
> International Classification of Diseases - 9th Revision (ICD-9),
> the AMA's Current Procedural Terminology , 4th Edition (CPT-4),
> and similar medical coding schemes.

A number of individuals asked for a follow up to this question
that I posted here last month.  Here is what I was able
to find:

HCFA's Common Procedure Coding System (CPCS)

International Classification of Diseases - 9th Revision (ICD-9),

AMA's Current Procedural Terminology , 4th Edition (CPT-4),

These coding manuals are available in both print
and electronic formats from a variety of vendors.  The
electronic formats vary from plain ASCII text, to Word, to PDF.
These are digital documents, no actual coding software is
included (as far as I can tell) to actually assist, or expedite
the coding process.

There are a few vendors who have developed electronic
coding SYSTEMS, i.e. the codes PLUS software designed
to make the coding process more efficient and accurate
(or so claim the vendors).

Unicor Medical Inc.


Unicor's Alpha II is a turn-key electronic coding system that
runs on a variety of platforms: DOS, SCO-UNIX, AIX, and AT&T
System V.  (a Windows 3.1/Win95 version to be released
in May 1997)

(a demo is available at:

This company has developed a number of coding software
products.  See:

Their integrated coding software package is something
called CodeLink.  See:

A CodeLink demo is available, but not on the web.  They have a
number to call for the demo:  1-(800)-783-3378

3.) Medicode
Offers a variety of coding products, including software. see:

4.) NeuralWare
This company produces a coding product called FlashCode.
For more information see:


Thanks to all who responded to my original query.


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