We have the following resources in the CHI Library:

    My Mommy has Cancer. Carolyn Stearns Parkinson. Rochester, NY: Park
Press, 1991.

    Mommy's in the Hospital Again. Carolyn Stearns Parkinson. Folsom, CA:
Solace Publishing, 1994.

Also, the National Institutes of Health publishes "Help Yourself: Tips for
teenagers with Cancer," a 37-page pamphlet which lists additional readings
(NIH Publication No. 91-2211; revised November 1990).

You might also check out the following web sites:

    Kids Home (
Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, includes additional reading
for kids and more web sites.

    Melinda's Home Page ( Links to
cancer information resources, contacts for cancer kids, other links. Page
of a 15-year-old girl with cancer.

Hope this gives you a start. I'm working on this topic right now for my
web site.

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