Dear Colleagues:

This is to let you all know about a strange series of interactions
between us and above noted publishers.  It has taken us _months_ to
straighten out what should have been done simply by St Anthony's staff,
by looking it up on their computer, but dragged on and on and on and
became a 3-ring circus;  5-ring if you add the two subscription agencies

Our Medical Records departments (2 hospitals) has been receiving an ICD-9
illustrated UPDATES for years and years.  They used to purchase them
directly from St. Anthony, then at some point, the Hospital opted to
gather all those subscriptions, and have a subscritpion agent manage it.
Anyway, when the corporation changed subscription vendors last year,
St. Anthony insisted that they have NO WAY to identify our particular
order.  We thouhgt it strange.  St. Anthony insisted that the
vendor in question (vendor #1) orders "by bulk"
and does the quarterly mailing themselves, and theredore St. Anthony has
no records for our orders.     As a result, our new vendor was not
able to order updates only (which, by the way, do not show on any of the
St. Anthony publication lists that we saw), and instead of having to pay
the expected $99 each, the price became $195, multiplied by 9 copies, and
our Medical Records Administrator was most unhappy, and angrier by the
day.   To add to the mess, the Library is partialy responsible since we
opted to switch vendors, and the only way to straigntn matters out was to
soemhow find some order number that St. Anthony needed and calimed that
they cannot locate on their own.   St Anthony also suggested that if
we went directly to them, instead of the vendors, we would not havae
the problem....

I just returned from a lovely, relaxed 5-day vacation, to  face a very
stressed out assistant and a very angry Medical Records Director.
After a half a dozen telephone calls, back and forth and
all around - none of the persons with whome we spoke in the past were
arounbd today - but maybe that is why we solved the problem.  We finaly
got someone at the Vendor #1 number to cooperate and give us the internal
number that was set when the updates were ordered a year ago!  and were
also told that St. Anthony, not the vendor, mails out the updates, and
that is exactly why there is a specific order number (that does not
appear on any of the listings that Vendor #1 sends us!  And when we called
St Anthony back to re-verify, lo and behold - surprise - the number, and
the complete correct mailing address was right there, clear as can be, on
the St. Anthony computer.   I still feel that such a hassle deserves at
least one "s" four-letter word.

St. Anthony is very difficult to deal with, and their practices are
questionable, esp. when they refuse to accept an "updates only" order for
$99, but think nothing of charging $195 for same (that is all they sent
out, supposedly be casue we wanted "updtaes only"...this is a "catch 22"
if I ever heard one).  We will be awaiting the price adjustment hasstle

Moral:  Watch out for St. Anthony.

Dalia Kleinmuntz
Webster Library
Evanston Hospital
2650 Ridge Ave.
Evanston IL 60201
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(Note: the turtle is on sabbatical)